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Celebrating the story of G-SHOCK, a truly unique watch whose pioneering innovation, function, and versatile design has made it a cult-collectible worn by devoted fans across the globe as well as by cultural icons in the worlds of fashion, sports, music, and popular culture for the past forty years. Born at a time when watches were generally considered fragile instruments, G-SHOCK began as a dream of a young engineer, Kikuo Ibe, who wanted to create ‘a watch that doesn t break even when dropped.’ In 1981, Project Team Tough was formed to build it, and over two years and 200 prototypes later, the indestructible, shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch was crafted. This revealing volume takes readers through the journey, spirit, and evolution of this distinctive timepiece, whose form and function combined with constant innovation over the past four decades have cemented the watch as a symbol of strength and endurance. Worn by everyone from pro-athletes and military personnel, to skateboarders, surfers, musicians, and entertainers, this stylish and multipurpose watch has permeated the spheres of sports, design, music, and popular culture.

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